Low Profile Shelving up to 1.2 Metres


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9″ Linen style shelving is perfect for storing smaller items in a compact Linen/Utility closet

  • Works with Fixed Mount system ONLY
  • Installation hardware sold separately
  • Available in four standard lengths (choose from list above)
  • Shelving can be cut for a customised length with a hacksaw or boltcutters
  • Order 8 x 203 Shelf End Caps per shelf to cover the ends of the shelf. This will prevent damage to your walls upon installation & prevent your possesions from snagging on the shelf
  • Ventilated wire construction
  • We suggest that when installing 9″ deep shelving you ensure your enclosure is a minimum of 11″ (28cm) deep to allow for the hardware fixings
  • You CANNOT add a SuperSlide hang bar to this depth shelf. The lateral wires are spaced differently to the 12″ & 16″ deep shelves & therefore will NOT accommodate hang bar supports
  • NEW ‘Low Profile’ style lip at front of shelf which is 1″ deep
  • Material: Vinyl coated steel
  • All shelving SCS® Certified for minimum of 91% recycled content

Less than 1.5 Metres, 1.22 – 1.83 Metres, 1.52 – 2.44 Metres, 2.13 – 3.05 Metres


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