Chrome Accessories

The wide selection of Komandor accessories allows for optimal and inventive space management.Thanks to the practical nature of our wide range of accessories, everything you need to store has a place of its own. Find out how to plan your wardrobe or walk-in interior to make it as functional and space saving as possible.

Komandor’s main aim is to provide our clients with the solutions to their space saving and storage problems. To do this we constantly evolve and improve our offering, adding practical and functional accessories to our range. Thanks to this, our wardrobes are more versatile and easier to organize than ever

This system is particularly recommended in places, where order and organisation is held in high regard. There is a selection of functional hangers, shelves, and baskets. The diversity of the elements allows for free designing and makes it easier to use the wardrobe. 
  • Soft closing guides, allowing the accessories to move freely and close silently.

Mocca Accessories

The series contains 10 products that allow for the functional design of each wardrobe, and number of solutions will satisfy the most demanding customers. Products based on a closed aluminum frame with adjustable width, operating on the quadro type runners with soft-close mechanism. Used slides are hidden in aluminum frame what improves wardrobe aesthetics, and soft-close mechanism provides smooth, quite operation and closing without any unpleasant noise. All products are made of high-quality materials in original colours, what place them on the top of this type products offered on the market.

– attractive modern design
– original colours- Wide application
–  silent and smooth operation
– soft-close slides
– slide hidden in aluminium frame