Superslide Corner Hangar Bar


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SuperSlide® shelving and hang bar hardware allows hangers to slide freely on both Fixed Mount and ShelfTrack® mounting systems.

  • These brackets attach to the underside of SuperSlide & ‘All Purpose’ Linen shelving to support the hang bar
  • It’s unique ‘J’ shape allows you to slide your coat hangers from one side of the hang bar to the other without interruption
  • Use one at least every 36″ along the length of the hang bar and at each ‘open’ or ‘floating’ end of hang bar
  • To increase the weight capacity of the hang bar use additional supports positioned closer together
  • Compatible with SuperSlide (4719 / 5670) and ‘All Purpose’ Linen style shelving (7315 / 7320)
  • Not for use with Shelf & Rod or CloseMesh style shelving
  • Material: Resin plastic – white

Less than 1.5 Metres, 1.22 – 1.83 Metres, 1.52 – 2.44 Metres, 2.13 – 3.05 Metres


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