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Komandor designs and fits wardrobes suitable for every space in your home. You think wardrobes are simply and purely functional? Think again…

Komandor make wardrobes suitable for every space. The standard width for a wardrobe is 60-65cm, height 250cm. The wardrobe interior is around 5-55cm deep and 10cm is for those with a sliding doors track.

The different types of wardrobes are:

Recess wardrobe – Room walls serve at the same time as wardrobe’s walls. It is fitted to the room height and it doesn’t require a separate wardrobe top. The floor of the room is also used as wardrobe’s floor.

Full wardrobe – its carcass is made of side and rear walls as well as of floor and ceiling made of board panel.

Wardrobe with a storage place – this type of wardrobe is usually fitted in rooms over 2,5 m tall.

L-shape wardrobe – this type of wardrobe is fitted on two perpendicular walls meeting in one corner. It can be full or recess.

Wardrobes are complimented with doors of different types: sliding, pivoting or folding (or their combinations- without interfering into wardrobe’s style)

After making a decision on the choice of a room where the wardrobe will be situated, it is advice to consider what type of items would be kept inside it. He have to estimate the number of shelves, drawers, rods and baskets etc. It is possible to do by writing down all items we want to store there