Closetmaid Shelftrack Pantry – Up To 1.22 Metres


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Our packages are a great way to get you started with ClosetMaid. They include all of the shelving and hardware that you need to create the layout illustrated in the design pictures above.
Packages are delivered flat packed, with assembly instructions, labelled hardware, and informative diagrams for easy installation.

This package uses ClosetMaid’s CloseMesh style of shelving with Fixed Mount Hardware.

The package will include:
6 x Full width shelves for storing boxes, cans, jars, bottles, utensils etc.

If your enclosure is less than 122cm / 4′ wide you can trim the shelving down to suit your exact measurements with a hacksaw or boltcutters.
End caps are provided to cover the cut ends of the shelves.


Less than 1.5 Metres, 1.22 – 1.83 Metres, 1.52 – 2.44 Metres, 2.13 – 3.05 Metres


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