Komandor Storage solutions provide wardrobe accessory solutions to clients across Scotland.

Having a beautiful custom made wardrobe is a great feature for the bedroom and using sliding doors means that far less space is needed. But it is easy to forget that a wardrobe is a functional piece of furniture and what goes on inside is every bit as important as the outside, if not more so.

Wardrobe accessories are the way you get the most from the interior space as is possible and here at Komandor Storage Solutions, we have a wide number of features we can incorporate into our wardrobe creations. Pull out shelves are a popular choice and easy to access while pull out storage baskets and linen bags are perfect for everything from dirty washing to socks. Shoe racks inside the wardrobe save space and reduce clutter out in the bedroom while proper trouser hangers ensure pants are ready to wear as soon as they come out of the wardrobe. Special tie racks ensure you can easily select the perfect tie from your collections.

Because we design the wardrobes we fit from scratch, we can ensure that you have exactly the accessories within the wardrobe that you require.

Please contact Komandor Storage Solutions to discuss your requirements.